Sunday, April 10, 2011

Masters Sunday WOD

Here at Anti Crossfit, there are a couple of holidays we like to incorporate into our daily workout regime.  Some of the more notable holidays are Superbowl Sunday, any college football bowl game, and of course, the second Sunday in April, when golf’s finest compete for the first major of the year, the Masters.  While not everyone is able to attend the Masters in person, we thought we would provide a WOD that would give an experience similar to being there.  As you can see from the menu board at Augusta today, the fine members of Augusta National are true Anti Crossfit supporters.

untitled (2)

Augusta Sunday WOD

1. Chicken Breast sandwich every time Tiger misses a birdie putt under 10 feet.  To mimic the sandwich on site, we recommend McDonalds McChicken, hold the lettuce and mayo.

2.  Every time the announcers mention how long it has been or the number of natives to a specific country have won the Masters, drink a beer.  Augusta National serves 8 ounces of Bud Light and Heineken.  Enjoy.

3.  Every time an announcer talks about how a golfer has fallen victim to, or crumbled under, or been unable to overcome, or anything in a similar vein regarding the course conditions and pressure of the tournament, eat a Bar-B-Que sandwich.  The best Bar-B-Que sandwich is a do it yourself version.  Grab a pork shoulder from your local supermarket, a good rub, throw it in a crockpot on high or the oven at 300 degrees for five hours and once ready, shred, mix with your favorite Bar-B-Que sauce and throw on a roll.  We recommend the sauce found at; it is delightful.

Post quantities and variations to this WOD in comments below, and enjoy Augusta Sunday.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Opening Day WOD–The Tour de Stade

Tour de Stade means “tour of the stadium” in French.  It is what running all the steps in a stadium or arena is commonly referred to as.  As this is anticrossfit you could have probably guess this workout doesn’t actually involve any running, just eating, drinking, and maybe a little more walking that we would like but it is the only way to accomplish this feat so deal with it.

Photo by SD Dirk

During the course of a game:

Consume one item from each unique concession stand on the level your are sitting on.

Obviously the 100 level of most stadiums is going to be the most difficult challenge but conquering any level is a pretty amazing feat.  Given the prices of food at sporting events these days this might be a very expensive activity but we believe it is worth every penny.  If you are going to be at Safeco Field we suggest you make sure to “meet the man” and listen to this song before the game (it is actually being performed at Safeco before the game tonight). 

Happy Opening Day Everyone!  We miss you Dave.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Friday Night WOD–The Arbayo

There are few events that transcend cultures and eras like the Keg stand does.  Unlike beer pong, moose, ride the bus, or f the dealer, your parents probably know what a keg stand is, and have probably even done one before.  This challenge is named for Jeffery Arbayo, the silent assassin who once performed a 40 second keg stand.  He also chugged an entire bottle of malt vinegar once but I think that is too disgusting to make a challenge…Photo by BluEyedA72

See what I mean about transcending eras?  This is circa ‘95.  Notice the cut off jean shorts and the cup of Bud Dry?  

Perform the longest keg stand you can and post your time to the comments sections.  If you throw out some ridiculous number like 1 minute 38 seconds and your name isn’t Kate Brindley you better have video evidence to back it up…Good luck everyone!

Jesse Cook - AntiCrossfitter of the Week

As a world traveller, when he isn’t timing his work trips with epic sporting events like the Winter Classic or the World’s Largest Cocktail Party, Jesse has been known to pound a handful of Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers washed down with multiple Frosties.  In between all the WODs and sporting events, he also has time to mix with the fast and famous and get custom autographs.  Some of his more accomplished WODS include 7 hours on one bar stool and then eating an entire Costco bag of hot wings in one sitting, before falling asleep in the remaining bones.
About Jesse
Favorite Food: Curry Chicken
Favorite Drink:  Lucky Lager
Favorite Video Game:  Daytona USA (1993 Style)
Favorite WOD:  Three period of beer league hockey followed by an 8 pack of Lucky Lager while showering up.
Proudest Accomplishment:  Drinking so many $2.50 beers at Augusta National during the 2010 Masters he fell asleep on the course (I was there, I saw it).

AntiCrossfit Hero:  Grimace, the AntiCrossfiting legend and McDonalds representative.
Please post your favorite Cook anticrossfit stories in the comments section.  Keep working hard and one day you too could be the AntiCrossfitter of the week!

Thanks again Cook!

Anticrossfitting–Fantasy Fanatic

Fantasy spots are right in line with our message here at anticrossfit.  They include absolutely no physical activity, require countless hours sitting in front of a computer, lots of watching sports on TV and can bring great glory to a man in his group of friends just like shot gunning a coke or eating an ungodly amount of food can.  Here is a fantastic article from yahoo sports about one of our own here at anticrossfit and his dedication to his fantasy team and a pretty good autograph he got from his “keeper.”  Fair warning, it is fantasy hockey (Court is Canadian) so don’t expect to understand any of it, but it is still pretty cool.

It reads “Court, you are an awesome GM!  Your Keeper, Taylor Hall”


Send us any of your crazy stories about fantasy sports or video games.  And I already know, via your 12 tweets about it, that your fantasy team has like 6 injuries Sherman…

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

McDonald’s Fun Facts!

Here is a link to an article with some fun facts about one of our favorite restaurants!  My guess is Sherman already knows all of these but it should be a good read for everyone else.

Photo By Keo 101

Please post any responses or fun facts that you know about McDonald’s to the comment section.

Thursday WOD–The Dare

If you are looking to start the weekend early this is the exercise for you!  This feat was accomplished by an unnamed anticrossfitter a few years back with Wild Cherry Pepsi.  It has been attempted by others many times since then but I am not sure if it has been duplicated.  Give it a shot and see if you can be the first who is up to the task on record in over 8 years.

Photo by ikeX

For time:

Chug a 2 liter of Pop

Remember the original kind of pop was Wild Cherry Pepsi.  You can try with whatever pop of your choosing but if you do Diet 7 Up or something you won’t get all the street cred that someone who does a real pop will.

Please submit results, pictures, videos etc. in the comments section or email us at  Good luck!